Nothing complements your Tour to the Top better than our custom Inner Canyon Tour to the Bottom!

Don’t miss the most exciting part of your Grand Canyon experience – seeing the Colorado River up close and personal! Our tour is perfect for all ages and abilities – travel through the rugged canyon terrain in one of our comfortable custom 4×4 coaches to experience the beauty and wonder of the bottom of the Grand Canyon. No donkeys or long hikes involved!

Inner Canyon River Tour to the Bottom

Awarded the Trip Advisor Badge of Excellence

About Our Custom Coaches

Our custom coaches are equipped with individual seating, dual air conditioning, a high quality sound system, and large windows to enjoy the view. Toss in a sturdy 4×4 transition and a lift kit, and you’ll experience the rugged terrain in style and comfort. 

How many visitors get to the Bottom each year?

Grand Canyon National Park experienced visitation of over 4.7 million visitors in 2022. Less than 5% of those Visitors were able to get to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon! There are ~2,000 overnight mule riders, ~85,000 hikers, and over 129,000 rafters each year who enjoy time at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon. Click here to view the most recent visitor stats!

Over 4.7 Million Visitors to the Grand Canyon in 2021
Less than 5% of Visitor's will get to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon
Enjoying the Bottom of the Grand Canyon by the Colorado River!

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