Inner Canyon River Tour

Get to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon in comfort with!

You can book your tour with or without the optional hike, where you will hike the last 1.2 miles through the Narrows to the Bottom! A great adventure!

We offer discounts for seniors (over 62). Please call for discount information.

The Inner Canyon River Tour - This ain't No Donkey Ride!

The Grand Canyon includes numerous side canyons created by erosion. It is through only one of these canyons we are able to journey to the bottom. Because many layers of rock were exposed during this process, the walls of the canyon consist of countless shades of brown, yellow, red and gray. As the sun moves across the sky the light changes making the vista transform dramatically over the course of the day. The rock levels represent a cross-section of the geological history of the earth with the stone at the Inner Gorge of the river being some of the oldest on the planet with an age of nearly two billion years. Grand Canyon hosts 6 of the 7 climatic zones with only Tropical missing. Departing from Williams we will travel through 5 levels arriving at the base of the Inner Gorge, the Colorado River, and to what appears to be another world. Some of the plants of the Lower Sonoran Life Zone can only be found at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Because of the carving forces of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, the river’s course tells the story of the earth’s formation and structure like few places on earth. We can learn much about the nature, culture, and history of the Grand Canyon by taking a closer look at this magnificent river.

Farley Hotel – Peach Springs Wash

In 1884, the Farley Hotel was built at the bottom of Grand Canyon offering a destination for tourists to get to the bottom from the newly developed Santa Fe Railroad. Among them to take the journey by horse and wagon was Teddy Roosevelt,  who frequently visited Grand Canyon and loved to fish the Colorado River. The Hotel operated just 5 years until 1889.

Diamond Creek – Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Today we travel through time and evolution in first class comfort. Our guides are very knowledgeable of this particular part of the Grand Canyon. Whether your interests are nature, history, geology, enjoying the flora and fauna, the scenery, or you just want to take a swim in the Colorado River on a hot summer’s day…your Grand Canyon experience would not be complete without a day at the bottom.

We offer discounts for seniors (over 62). Please call for discount information.

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