Grand Canyon from the Bottom

Seeing Grand Canyon from the bottom gives a whole new perspective, value, and understanding of Grand Canyon. Seeing it from the top, either standing on the rim at one of the many overlooks or flying over Grand Canyon offers an experience that really can not be described. We have all seen pictures of Grand Canyon displaying its vast beauty and geological wonder, but until you see it for yourself, you’ll never have a true understanding of the effect it has.

No other place on earth has been photographed for its naturally raw beauty more than Grand Canyon. But Grand Canyon has much more to offer than can be seen from the top. For most people the thought of seeing what lye’s within means a strenuous hike down one of the many trails never reaching the bottom, or a Donkey ride along steep cliffs on a hot dusty trail that is a 2 day excursion and needs to be reserved a year or more in advance. Those who are conditioned and have a full understanding of the task ahead may choose to hike to the bottom, and for them there is no better way to enjoy the hidden treasures they will encounter along the way. But for the rest of us simply on vacation fulfilling our bucket list, including getting to the bottom seems an impossibility.  In fact statistics suggest that only 4% of all visitors get to the bottom., formerly Grand Canyon Jeep Tours, has been providing off road 4×4 tours to the bottom since 2007. You may be surprised to know that the first tours to the bottom were by horse and wagon in 1865. Once arriving to the bottom guests would stay at a small hotel within the Canyon before hiking the last 2 miles to the Colorado River. For those who made the journey, experienced numerous hidden treasures that lie within. Streams, plant life, wild life, towering cliffs along with an estimated 1.7 billion years of erosion also, can not be described or understood from just a photo.

Remember, Grand Canyon has a South Rim, a North Rim, a East Rim, and a West Rim, all with spectacular views looking in. But Grand Canyon also has a Bottom ! Let us show you the other half, the “Hidden” treasures of Grand Canyon. Now with climate controlled off road vehicles getting to the bottom has never been easier. Whether you choose a tour to the River, or down the River, we are here to help you complete the journey with